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About Us

About Us Musicindirme


Who We Are

The Indirme Recording Industry Association (musicindirme) is a national industry association proactively representing the interests of its members.

We have more than 100 members ranging from small “boutique” labels typically run by 1-5 people, to medium size organisations and very large companies with international affiliates.

ARIA is administered by a Board of Directors comprising senior executives from record companies, both large and small.

Music is a pleasant sound which is a combination of melodies and harmony and which soothes you. Music may also refer to the art of composing such pleasant sounds with the help of the various musical instruments. A person who knows music is a Musician. The music consists of Sargam, Ragas, Taals, etc.

Importance of Musicindirme  :

Musicindirme  has great qualities of healing a person emotionally and mentally. Music is a form of meditation. While composing or listening music ones tends to forget all his worries, sorrows and pains. But, in order to appreciate good music, we need to cultivate our musical taste. It can be cited that in the Dwapar Yug, the Gopis would get mesmerized with the music that flowed from Lord Krishna’s flute. They would surrender themselves to Him. Also, the research has proved that the plants which hear the Music grow at a faster rate in comparison to the others.

Musicindirme is the essence of life. Everything that has rhythm has music. Our breathing also has a rhythm. Thus, we can say that there is music in every human being or a living creature. Music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotions to people. Music is also a very powerful means to connect with God. We can conclude that Music is the purest form of worship of God and to connect with our soul.


Mary Rooney, Executive Director
Taylor Bartenope, Mary Carter, Kacie Collins, Managers

Account Management

Galina Druzhinina, Shannon McMahon, Senior Managers
Andrea Guevara-Gresch, Manager
Kristen Wisneski, Associate Manager

Brand Experiences

Elizabeth Lancaster, Senior Director, Branded Content
James Dinh, Senior Branded Writer/Producer
Walaa Elsiddig, Branded Writer/Producer
Meghan Mahar, Associate Manager, Branded Social
Sara Katzki, Senior Director, Project Management
Sidnei Afari, Sarah Lombard, Senior Project Managers

Integrated Marketing

Jeanne Dienstag, Jasmine Kim, Directors
Anisha Nallakrishnan, Senior Manager
Tunde Adeyinka, Manager


Stacey Saunders, Adrian Castillo, Directors